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MarketCycle Wealth REPORT is designed to quickly and easily clarify long-term investment account decisions.


WHY join MarketCycle™ Wealth REPORT?

  • Clear long-term market signals for all major asset groups… based on both technicals and fundamentals
  • Short & intermediate term Risk are continually monitored
  • Federal Reserve activities and inflation levels monitored using accelerated indicators
  • Recession probabilities 3 months out are calculated each week
  • Updated each Sunday @ 12:00 PM EST
  • Eliminates emotional decision making
  • MarketCycle is an RIA with a fiduciary responsibility toward its clients and subscribers


WHAT does MarketCycle Wealth REPORT do?

  • MarketCycle is in the business of identifying primary trends within the traditional market cycle. It is also in the business of identifying short-term high-risk periods that occur during long-term trending periods.
  • We have also developed methods that allow us to identify trends in important economic data and Central Bank activity AND we (daily) utilize relative strength analysis, inter-market analysis, business cycle analysis, yield-spread analysis, global-macro analysis… and we (weekly) calculate the chances of a U.S. and/or global recession 3 months out.  Most importantly, we start each day by asking:  “Are we correct in our assessment?”


HOW do I take advantage of MarketCycle Wealth REPORT’s offer?

  • Read the Terms of Service Agreement and all required documents as indicated in the Agreement and check (on the membership app/form) that you understand and agree to the terms. As a qualified investor, your membership allows you to take advantage of a one month FREE TRIAL PERIOD and you can always cancel (via PayPal) at any time. This gives you a chance to view our REPORT for a full month (please note that trend changes are infrequent… one doesn’t want to be jumping in and out of the market).
  • Members are limited to one person on one computer and our pages are encrypted with computer IP tracking and copyright infringement technologies, but it is easy (and affordable) to purchase extra IP addresses for multiple advisors within the same office and with similar IP addresses.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Total membership numbers are restricted. In periods where MarketCycle is closed to new members, a waiting list will be applied until a new membership becomes available.  When joining, you will be instantly notified if this is in effect.