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MarketCycle Wealth REPORT is a members only weekly report that is designed to quickly and easily clarify your long-term investment decisions.


WHY join MarketCycle™ Wealth REPORT?

  • MarketCycle Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor and as such, it has a fiduciary responsibility toward its clients and members around the world. By law, we must always look out for your best interests. The global investment world is filled to the brim with inaccurate advice and forecasts. MarketCycle Wealth REPORT has been designed to cut through the clutter and clearly indicate to its members what the best investment stance is at the present moment. Before the start of each trading week (although important long-term changes are very infrequent) we tell our members whether an asset-category is in a long-term bullish trend or a long-term bearish trend. We also continually monitor economic data and risk levels and recession chances. Our goal is to ease the heavy burden involved with investment decisions; our service is very affordable when considering what we offer to our members.
  • All eight of the largest investment advisories (used by money professionals worldwide) were fully bullish before and during the financial crash of 2008. Four of the eight got out of the market crash right at the bottom. By contrast, MarketCycle’s TREND signals for data and price offer a completely different, non-guessing, non-predicting approach; we do not know where the market is going to end next year… what we do know, day by day, is whether or not each individual asset is, at the present moment, in a longer-term bull market or a longer-term bear market (and that particular piece of information is much more important). 
  • Investors not only have to deal with their own psychological biases, which are legion, but also the biases of whomever they are getting their information from. Most of what we believe to be true, is not; most of what we believe to work, does not. It is critically important that investors use an emotionless system that gives clear, accurate and timely answers as to WHAT and WHEN and HOW.
  • If the first decade of the 21st century taught us anything it is that “buy & hold” does not work; clients in these types of accounts made no money, they lost HALF of their money twice and they likely switched advisors several times. The next decade will teach us that “Permanent Portfolios” and “All-Weather Portfolios” do not work.
  • Research shows that the best investment newsletters are no better than a “coin toss,” averaging inaccurate advice well over 50% of the time. Analysts are wrong 94% of the time during important market turning points.  90% of options trades expire worthless. 97% of commodities traders go bust within 5 years. Almost 75% of hedge funds close their doors within 5 years of startup. These unbelievable statistics are true.
  • Unfortunately, the more famous the advice giver, the worse their advice.


WHAT does MarketCycle Wealth REPORT do?

  • Markets are not efficient because investors are not intelligent about investing, they are emotional about investing. As Warren Buffett stated:  “If markets were rational, I’d be waiting tables for a living.” Markets are not random or else long-term trends would not exist and we know that ALL profits come from directional trends (yes, individual stocks and many individual assets can be random).
  • MarketCycle is in the business of identifying primary trends and their turning points. It is also in the business of identifying short-term high risk periods that occur during long-term trending periods. Trends indicate real time, actually happening, present moment, best case investing positions… which is the opposite of guesses and beliefs and buy & hold.
  • In the early 1980s, MarketCycle developed one of the more popular Relative Strength Analysis systems and it is still in active use today by investors globally. The bulk of the innovative indicators that we now use required well over a decade of daily testing to develop, using both real time and historical testing going back to the year 1900. Our proprietary trend following indicators are designed to work even when other trend following systems fail. We possess hardy, robust and fully tested indicators that give us clear insight into the daily condition of the market as well as what the best tactical position is for various assets over their extended trending periods. We have also developed methods that allow us to identify trends in important economic data and Central Bank activity AND we (daily) utilize relative strength analysis, inter-market analysis, business cycle analysis, yield-spread analysis, global-macro analysis… and we (weekly) calculate the chances of a U.S. and/or global recession 2 months out.  We do not fight the Fed and we never attempt to swim against the flow of the Primary Trend. Most importantly, we start each day by asking:  “Are we correct in our assessment?”


WHERE do profits ultimately come from?

  • Trends are the source of all profits, even for day traders; if there is one thing that is true about investing it is that markets exhibit long, profitable trending periods.
  • Correct diversification, at the correct time, reduces risk and generates alpha.
  • Proper investing techniques (and proper assets) are what generates outsized alpha.
  • Any system indicators that give investing signals must be long-term, clear, precise, emotionless and timely and they must be given in a form that answers the questions of WHAT and WHEN and HOW.


HOW do I take advantage of MarketCycle Wealth REPORT’s offer?

  • Read the Terms of Service Agreement and all required documents as indicated in the Agreement and check (on the membership app/form) that you understand and agree to the terms. As a qualified investor, your membership allows you to take advantage of a one month FREE TRIAL PERIOD and you can always cancel (via PayPal) at any time. This gives you a chance to view our REPORT for a full month (please note that trend changes are infrequent… one doesn’t want to be jumping in and out of the market).
  • Members are limited to one person on one computer and our pages are encrypted with computer IP tracking and copyright infringement technologies, but it is easy (and affordable) to purchase extra IP addresses for multiple advisors within the same office and with similar IP addresses.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Total membership numbers are restricted. In periods where MarketCycle is closed to new members, a waiting list will be applied until a new membership becomes available.  When joining, you will be instantly notified if this is in effect. 
  • In the MEMBER area we have condensed a huge amount of material down to one REPORT page that is easy to understand and easy to modify for your own needs. Report changes are made before any personal account changes are made for our own private clients at MarketCycle Wealth Management, LLC.
  • There is a past REPORT that can be seen by clicking on the “Sample” tab above.
  • Our system’s (infrequent) historical investing signals (for stocks, bonds and gold) can be viewed via the “Signals” tab above.



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