The first three charts below show where signals would have triggered using MarketCycle’s proprietary system (for up to mid-July of 2015) showing stocks, bonds, and gold.  Being able to avoid bear markets and to exploit Federal Reserve activity turns the entire investment process on its head.  MarketCycle does not predict, instead, we follow the trends of price and data and we measure quantifiable rising or falling risk levels. Our unique method gives earlier signals than do another trend following systems. Please note that these charts are meant for educational purposes only and do not intend to show future profits or losses.


NEW signals stocks



NEW signals bonds



NEW signals gold


This is what the majority of investors repetitively do:

april buy at top


It is investor’s EMOTIONS that normally cause them to invest incorrectly:

market cycle emotions



DISCLAIMER: Charts are for educational purposes only and should not be construed to guarantee future profits.